How to Play Blackjack Online and the Rules

Obviously the intention in this game is to get a card that is worth 21. Which player who succeeds in getting this card will immediately be considered a winner.

Here players are required to fight the bookie in one table, can only be played by 6 players and 1 bookie so there are a total of 7 players only.

Simply put, if your card exceeds 21 then you will lose. although at that time the bookie position also received cards that exceeded 21.

But if you get a card of 16 and the dealer is only 15, then you are considered to win from the dealer because the value of your card is closer to the 21.

Obviously before playing you also need to know how to calculate the value of the blackjack card itself.

The card count is very simple. Starting from numbers 2 to 10 are still the same value even though the flower is different.

For example you can get a 10 ♣ card so the value of your card is 10. For J cards Q K is worth 10 and for the US alone it can be worth 1 or even 11.

This game starts when the players have placed a bet amount on each side of the player number. Then the dealer will distribute to the player and the dealer 2 cards each.

Card position 1 will open and 1 card is closed. If there is a player or dealer who gets 10 and US cards, then the game is finished and is won by the player or dealer who gets the card.

Rules and Terms in this game
As the city will be more profitable in this game. The reason is the rules require players to first check cards and take action.

There are several terms in this game such as:

Hit / Add Cards

This action means the player asks for 1 additional card to make his card can reach 21. But do not get the wrong step because it could be that the card can make your card value exceeds 21.

So think wisely and carefully before making a decision.

Stand / Stay

This action means you stick with the cards that you get and don’t want to add cards. Usually this action is taken by the player if the cards are deemed sufficient to be able to win from the dealer.

Double Down Betting

This action is the player doubling the bet value from before. If in terms of online poker that is RAISE. The risk is you have to take one more card and in the future you are not allowed to take another 1 card. unless the game round is finished.

Split Betting

This action can be taken if you get 2 cards of the same value and then divide them into 2 bets. So the dealer will give 1 more card to each of your 2 bets.

Surrender / Surrender

Of course, this action is taken if the player feels that the card can not bring any chance of winning at all.

With this action the player can reduce losses at least in playing.

That’s just a brief explanation on how to play blackjack and also the rules.