Guide on how to play Sbobet Mix Parlay Combo

Mix parlay game on the ball agent website is still a favorite for all soccer gambling lovers. Mix Parlay is one type of game in online soccer gambling where you can choose several teams in a single bet, with this game where you can bet with minimal capital but the total winnings are large. Because the value of a large victory with minimal capital is what makes the mix parlay game very popular from time to time.

Now a Combo Mix Parlay game system has appeared, which is an additional feature of the mix parlay that makes it easy for you to be able to place multiple betting packages for all selected match combinations. Maybe for novice players sounds familiar or even do not know about the Combo Mix Parlay. Actually the Combo Mix Parlay is almost the same as my only mix parlay with this feature. You can choose several types of matches from different types of sports and you can combine them so as to give a greater chance of victory.

The Sbobet Parlay Mix Combo is divided into 2 types, Fold and Treble. What is Fold and Treble? Let us discuss.

  1. Fold it
    Fold in English can mean folding or turning. However, in Combo Mix Parlay Sbobet Fold it does not mean turning or closing but a collection of the matches that you choose in the mix parlay game. The fold on the mix parlay combo is slightly different due to the choice of bets from more matches
  2. Treble
    Treble is a combination of 3 different match choices that are randomized from the match of your choice. Treble 4 bet which means there are a total of 4 betting slips, the system will automatically randomize all possible combinations containing 3 match selections among your 4 selections.
    For example, let’s assume that you choose 4 matches:

a. Match A (Manchester City VS Manchester United)
b.Match B (Barcelona VS Real Madrid)
c. Match C (Juventus VS Ac Milan)
d. Match D (Paris Saint Germain VS Marseille)

Based on the options above, you will get the option to place a bet type like this:

a. Double (6 Betting Packages – Combination of AB, AC, AD, BC, BD and CD)
b. Treble (4 Bet Packages – Combinations of ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD)
c. 4-Folds (1 Bet Package – Combination of ABCD)
d. Double, Treble, and 4 Folds (a total of 11 betting packages)

You need to know that the number of teams you choose greatly influences the total combination or betting package you can choose. You can look at the table below to find out the number of betting combinations you can get.

The main purpose of the Combo Mix Parlay feature is to make it easier for players to be able to choose more combinations in the mix parlay. Calculation in Combo Mix Parlay is still based on one bet slip, bet slip is not related to other bet slips. Each bet has its own variations depending on how you choose and combine them. Well, that’s the mix parlay combo guide hopefully can help you and make you become a professional bettor.